Corporate Office Relocations

Many businesses that have undergone an international relocation have relied on Allied to relocate their corporate operations along with their workforces to ensure minimum downtime, seamless transitions and satisfied resettled staff. 

At Allied Thailand, our team offers specialist experience for a smooth relocation, regardless of which country you’re moving to or from. Our streamlined processes include access to a comprehensive global network of suppliers, offering integrated planning, project management, communication and real-time data. 

Expert Office Relocations Tailored Just For You

Moving your business is different to moving house, especially if you’re planning on relocating staff along with your brand. Logistics must be tailored to eliminate any security glitches and minimise downtime to maintain the bottom line. 

The movers at Allied will take into consideration all your IT equipment and data storage, as well as the decommissioning of all your systems and telecoms, to ensure there are no loose ends or security leaks. This will take place either the night before or on moving day and your systems will be rapidly reinstated at your new address to avoid excessive interruption to operations.

Maintaining Client Privacy

Allied Thailand offers exceptional storage of confidential and sensitive information for your clients and employees. Whether you keep hard copies locked away or you have encrypted digital files, your privacy is paramount during the move. 

Talk to our Allied experts to be reassured your data won’t be compromised. 

Managing Employee Expectations

At Allied Thailand, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to employees and managers to ensure staff are moved on time, in the most comfortable way as to cause as little disruption to routines as possible. This may involve scouting the best schools for your employees’ children, as well as finding suitable accommodation in their new destination.

We can help you manage your employees’ expectations by keeping you abreast of every stage of the office move. You can confidently tell your employees what to expect, within precise timelines.

Maintaining Business Continuity

At Allied, we take a personal approach that looks after the needs of individual employees, as well as business managers. Talk to us 24 hours, seven days a week if you’re unsure of anything about your office move. 

Contact our Thailand moving team to begin preparations for your office move. Our moving consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless transition with as little disruption as possible to your business.