Are You Getting Added Value From Your Moving Company in Thailand?

Whether you are moving to another location in Bangkok or relocating to another country, having a professional moving company in Thailand can be essential. The right company will ensure that all your possessions are packed up, delivered, and unpacked efficiently, safely, and with little to no fuss. However, there are other services that you may need during your move that a removal company could provide you to help expedite the process, making your relocation even easier.

Here are some of the move-related services that you may want to receive from your moving company.

Pet relocation

Your beloved pet (or pets) is part of your family, but unfortunately, depending on how far you are moving, they cannot accompany you during your travels. And you cannot just pack them in a box like you would with your clothing. Airline regulations, quarantine rules, and other bureaucratic obstacles can be confusing, and you do not want your furry (or feathery or whatever) friend to be mishandled or lost.

An experienced international moving company in Thailand can help you ensure your animal companions make the journey safely and securely. They can inform you of what vaccinations, such as rabies, or boosters are needed, along with whatever documentation is necessary. You may be urged to implant your pets with an ISO microchip so you can track them on their journey. And your moving consultant should be able to help you with boarding and kenneling, if need be, as well as inform you of any permits or licenses needed at the new location.

Vehicle relocation

You may think that you have to sell your car and motorcycle if you are moving to a new country. But that is not necessarily true. There are enough things to do without having to be distracted with shopping for a new car or motorcycle. Or you may be very attached to your vehicle. It could be a classic, an antique, or a collectible.

Your moving company in Thailand should be able to tell you what relocating your vehicle would entail to help you make that decision, including documentation and registration fees, customs or import duties, as well as the costs for preparing, packaging, and transporting your car or motorcycle. You may need to get a dangerous goods certification to comply with international maritime regulations. Other preparation could include disconnecting the engine, removing the battery, and ensuring that there is no fuel in the tank before crating it up. Then there is the reconnecting of everything back upon delivery.

And although they are not necessarily vehicles, you may have motorized or power tools or equipment you want to bring with you. Again, you may want to sell them or give them away before your move, but then again, you might want to bring them with you. Your moving company in Thailand should be able to handle this type of relocation as well.


While it would be ideal for everything to move smoothly from leaving one home or business to your new location, there may be times when you may need to store some of your belongings. You could have moved out of your house and need somewhere to store your extra luggage and valuables before you make your final flight or road trip to your new home. You could arrive at your new location and need to store your moving boxes as you find a new place. Or all your things might not fit in your new place.

Whatever the reason, you might need to find secured storage space, either short or long term. It could be a simple need for somewhere dry and safe, or you may require a climate-controlled storage location with added security. Your moving company in Thailand should be able to offer you various options regarding storage, both at your point of origin and at your final destination. This could be at their own facilities, or they may recommend a reputable third party.


The unexpected sometimes happens, which is why it is always good to have insurance, especially for items of great value. You cannot assume that the moving company will accept liability for all your losses as there are different circumstances that they may not be responsible for. You should read your agreement with them to see what remedies are available to you. However, you may want to take extra precautions to protect your possessions.

Your moving consultant should discuss your insurance options with you. Generally, there are two main types. You can select a lump-sum valuation of your entire shipment, which can be a more straightforward way to go. Or you can choose an itemized valuation of your property. If you take this route, you should find out the type of valuation required. You want to make sure that you do not undervalue things, as this will make it difficult to replace them if something should happen.

Added Value From Your Moving Company in Thailand

Other services

The services discussed above are the major value-added ones that you should look for in your moving company in Thailand. Nevertheless, there are other services you may want to enquire about. For example, through its parent company, Sirva, Allied can offer additional services such as temporary housing, immigration and visa assistance, real estate services, resources regarding schools, and more.

Allied does more as a moving company in Thailand

Wherever you are going, Allied can help you get there. As a premier moving company in Thailand, Allied has experts who can help you with every step, from planning what to take, packing everything up securely, and making sure you can start getting settled in your new location. This means going above and beyond putting things in boxes, as explained above. Allied offers all these services, and more through its network with its parent company, Sirva. So, if you are planning on a move, contact Allied today for a consultation so you can get to where you are going with everything you want, safely and securely. After all, we are Allied, the Careful Movers.