What is a Moving Company and its Benefits?

Moving can make you excited, exhilarated, stressed, anxious… Emotions can range widely and swing from positive to negative, whether you are moving down the street or to the other side of the globe, or whether you are moving your residence or your business. To alleviate your concerns, you may want to hire a moving company, such as Allied Thailand. Moving companies comprise professionals whose sole job is to ensure that your valuable possessions are transported safely and smoothly. This should help reduce stress levels and worries so that you can focus on other aspects of your move and look forward to your new address.

What is a moving company?

Moving companies, sometimes known as removal services, do as their name implies – they move things from point A to point B. This may seem simple enough, which is why many people think that they can do it themselves. However, there actually are many steps involved, even if you are just moving next door or down the hall:

  • Packing: This is one of the most important steps. You want to make sure that all your things are packed safely and securely, with little to no risk of breakage. Moving companies are experts at packing fragile items so they are as secure as sturdier ones. They can also disassemble furniture or larger objects (if possible) without losing pieces so that they can be reassembled easily. This step also includes having enough of the right materials: boxes, bubble wrap, paper, packing tape, box cutters, furniture blankets, etc.

  • Loading: Now that everything is packed and packaged up, it all has to be loaded into the vans, trucks, containers, etc. that will take your things to where you want them to go. Depending on how much stuff you have, this requires an expert eye to make sure that everything can fit in the vehicles. First, to avoid damage during transport and second, to ensure a second trip isn’t needed. Also, moving companies free you from the risk of injury from lifting and moving heavy objects.

  • Transportation: No matter the distance, you are most likely on a schedule for your move. Moving companies like Allied are experts in scheduling transportation to arrive as intended. This becomes more complicated the further you are traveling, and especially if you are crossing borders, since you will most likely have to clear customs. You will want to rely on a moving company’s logistics expertise for this step. And if you’re moving a distance that requires more than one form of transportation (such as from truck to plane to truck to destination), you probably don’t want to have to organize all that transport, including unloading and reloading. This is when moving companies are ideal.

  • Unloading: Just like with loading, having an expert unload helps limit or prevent dings and damage not just to your belongings, but also to you by taking care of the heavy lifting. Also, if your things arrive before you do, or if you need time between moving out and moving in, many moving companies can arrange for temporary storage in the meantime.

  • Unpacking: Moving companies do not have to stop at unloading your packed up items. They can also assist in unpacking and, to some extent, arranging your belongings. With your instructions, they can make sure your dishes go in the kitchen, your clothes go in your bedroom, your bookshelves are reassembled and set up in your living room or study, and so on.

  • Disposal services: Remember all those materials mentioned in the packing step? Well, almost all of that will need to be disposed of after unpacking. Moving companies can take care of that, and, in many cases, they can do so in sustainable way, recycling materials themselves or sending them off to the right facilities.

Benefits over DIY moving 

As mentioned above, some may think that moving is something that they can handle themselves, especially for short distances. However, once you look at the benefits, you should be able to see why a moving company or removal service may be the way to go.

  • Time savings: Simply, if someone else is handling all those steps in the previous section, then you don’t have to and can allocate your time to other priorities. Furthermore, if you have specific dates and times to complete your move, whether out or in, having a logistics expert on hand will also help prevent delays.

  • Cost savings: Saying that you should spend money to save money may seem trite, but in this case, it is true. There is the cost of your own time, which is invaluable. Then, there’s the time and money to go out and obtain all the materials you’ll need for packing, from boxes and tape to hand trucks and, well, actual trucks. Plus, fuel for transportation. The list adds up.

  • Saving from losses: When moving, there is always a risk of injury – movers are experts in heavy lifting and have the proper equipment to assist them in doing so. Also, while you may think that you would pack your most valuable items the best, moving companies have probably had more experience in safekeeping valuables.

  • Insurance coverage: Speaking of loss and damage, most moving companies include or offer insurance coverage for loss or damage so that you will be compensated if something should happen to your belongings during a move. This is a step many self-movers overlook, sometimes to their loss.

  • Reduced stress: Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about packing and tracking your things. By hiring a reputable removal company such as Allied Thailand, you can rest a little easier as they take care of things for you. 

  • Specialized items: If you have a business with delicate equipment or machinery that needs moving or you have beloved items like delicate heirlooms, oversized items like pianos, or even living things like pets, moving companies have the experience and knowledge to get these items to where they need to go safely and intact.

Special international moving considerations

If you are moving to another country, the logistics can get more complicated. So, this is when a moving company with an international network is most appealing. They can track your shipment and ensure that everything makes it to your destination. Furthermore, they can help you with customs issues starting at home – advising you on potential issues in advance as well as handling clearance on your behalf. Also, many international moving companies also offer additional relocation services for new expatriates to help them get settled.

What is a moving company

Allied Thailand means quality moves

Allied Thailand has been helping individuals and businesses move into, out of, and around Thailand for decades. We are also part of a centuries-old, well-regarded international network covering over 40 countries that deploys the most advanced logistics and transportation methods and equipment to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. If you are planning a move, contact Allied Thailand today to find the best solution for your needs.