Post-Move Checklist and Organisation 

Post-Move Checklist - Organisation

Moving, whether across town or internationally, involves much more than just transporting boxes from one spot to another. It takes lots of planning and organisation to ensure the smoothest move. Successfully settling into your new home or office doesn’t end with unloading the boxes. Having a solid post-move plan is also crucial in transforming your new space into a functional and welcoming environment. But why is it so important, and what steps should you take? We will be delving into the ins and outs in this article. As a renowned moving company, Allied are pleased to share our best tips and tricks for moving and ensure the move is as seamless as possible. 

Why Organisation is Essential When Moving

The importance of organisation in the moving process shouldn’t be overlooked. A well-organised move can help reduce stress, save time, and help you avoid costly mistakes. It’s no surprise that a tidy home equals a tidy mind! When every item has a designated place, and there is a clear system, unpacking and settling is much easier. It can:

Reduce stress

Knowing exactly where your belongings are can decrease anxiety during a move—which is considered one of life’s most stressful events. Organising lists and tasks makes things much more manageable, and you’re more productive, tackling one thing at a time. 

Helps with time management 

With a plan in place, unpacking can proceed systematically, preventing wasted time searching for essentials. There is nothing worse! 

Save costs 

Efficient unpacking and organisation can reduce the need for extended storage and the costs that come with it. It can also prevent damage that can be caused by hasty unpacking. 

Let’s look at what a post-move checklist should include. 

Post-Move Checklist

A detailed post-move checklist is vital for tracking tasks and ensuring nothing is forgotten in the excitement and fatigue of moving. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you settle effortlessly into your new home. We’ve broken it down into three time-constrained stages to make it more manageable: immediate tasks within the first week and long-term organisation. 

Immediate Tasks

  • Inspect the deliveries: The first thing you should do while the movers are still there is inspect the deliveries. This involves checking off all items against the moving inventory as they are unloaded. You should also check for any damage, take photos, and note this on the day so you can report to the moving company as soon as possible. 

  • Assemble Furniture: Next, you should assemble any furniture that you need to use immediately, such as beds, wardrobes, and kitchen tables. 

  • Set up Utilities: You will also want to set up all utilities and ensure everything is functional.

Within the First Week

  • Unpack essentials: In the first week, you will want to unpack essentials. Focus on essential boxes, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. 

  • Safety check: You should install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers for your own safety. 

  • Secure home: You should change the locks and set up a security system.

Long-Term Organisation

  • Room-by-room set-up: Tackle one area at a time, starting with spaces used most frequently. The more you unpack, the more comfortable you will be, so try to get this done as quickly as possible! 

  • Labelling storage areas: Clearly mark what goes where, which helps with unpacking and finding items later. This also means that if you have anyone helping, they know where to put things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help- the job gets done quicker with more hands on deck. 

  • Decoration and personalise: Start with placing major pieces of decor and gradually fill in with smaller items. This will make your new space feel like a home and help you settle easier. 

How Allied Can Help Your Move

Allied's services extend far beyond the moving truck. Recognising the challenges of the post-move organisation; we offer a range of services designed to facilitate a smooth transition:

Domestic and International Moving: Whether you’re moving locally or globally, our comprehensive door-to-door service covers all aspects.

Storage Solutions: Access secure storage options if your new home isn’t ready or you need time to decide what to keep.

Speciality Services: From pet relocation to vehicle transport, we manage all details, ensuring that every aspect of your life moves with you.

Moving is undoubtedly challenging, but with proper organisation and the right support, it can be an easy and smooth experience. A detailed post-move checklist helps in settling into a new place and maintaining order and functionality from day one. Allied’s extensive suite of moving services supports each phase of the move, ensuring that you feel at home no matter where you find yourself. Remember, successful moves aren’t just about moving things but about moving lives.