How do moving companies price their estimates?

Pricing is essential for everyone involved in a move. Customers do not want to pay more than they have to, and moving companies want to make sure that they are charging enough to cover costs and make a profit. Of course, there are some companies that may overcharge, but considering how complex a move can get, especially an international move, sometimes what may seem like a lot may not be.

To help you understand what goes into the calculations of an estimate from a moving company, Allied would like to share some of the factors that are involved, as well as some tips to economize and save on your move.

Volume and weight

The weight and size of your belongings that you need to have moved are two major factors in calculating an estimate. The bigger the size, the larger the vehicle, or the need for more vehicles. The heavier the load, the more fuel may be needed. And there are more than transportation considerations. There is the cost of manpower and supplies to pack and move all your things, and if there is special equipment or care needed, such as to move fragile antiques or furniture, there may be an added cost. Moving companies usually determine this with a visual inspection and/or a detailed inventory of your home or office.


Distance is another main factor in an estimate from a moving company. How far they have to transport your belongings will have a significant impact on the cost. Some companies may offer a flat rate, while others may offer an hourly rate. If you are moving internationally, there may be multiple modes of transportation involved that require added consideration. A reputable moving company, such as Allied, will discuss your options and explain their calculations.

Packing and unpacking services

You could pack your belongings yourself. This may save some money, but if you have a lot of things and/or you are moving internationally, you may want to consider letting a moving company pack and unpack your stuff for you. You may still need to take care of valuables such as computers, jewelry, and important documents, but having an experienced moving company do the packing may reduce the risk of breakage and loss. But this is an added cost in terms of labor and materials.

Time of year

When you want to move can also have an impact on the pricing of your relocation. Depending on where you are in the world and where you are going to, there are peak times when moving companies are busier than other times of the year. Often families will move between school terms, so that would be a peak time. Moving during holidays like New Year’s may also cost more. If your schedule is flexible, be sure to ask the moving companies you are getting estimates from to let you know if a date change could save you some money. Also, depending on when you move, you may need to store some, if not all, of your boxes before or after a move – this will add to your total and may be another reason to evaluate your schedule so that you need less, or no, storage time.

Insurance coverage

All your belongings are probably precious to you, but do you need to take out the highest level of insurance for all of them? You should have some coverage, especially for long-distance moves. Most moving companies will have different types of insurance coverage. This could be a blanket policy that covers everything, which has a lot of assumptions about the worth of your items. Or you could opt to declare the worth of more valuable items that you are more concerned about. An experienced relocation company like Allied Thailand will have many options available and will talk you through what type of insurance would work best for you.

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Accessibility and special attention

Accessibility in this case is related to what the movers have to do to get your stuff out of your home or office. Are there narrow hallways or doorways they have to navigate? Are there cargo elevators, or are there only stairways? Is there nearby parking, or will they have to walk a distance to the truck? These all are issues that will add time and labor costs to your estimate. Also, if you have special items like pianos, artwork, or motorized equipment or vehicles that need special care or handling, that will also mean a higher price.

Some money-saving tips

There are other ways you can save on moving costs. You could start by decluttering your belongings. The less you have to move, the cheaper the estimate. You may want to pack some things yourself – have the movers focus on higher value items that need special care, while you (and maybe some helpful family and friends) can pack up books, clothes, and similar items. Other cost-saving measures could include getting a discount through an association or through a company affiliation. Also, make sure that you get at least three estimates, so you can do a proper cost comparison. This may also help you with ideas on what you can negotiate about your preferred moving company.

Allied the Careful Movers will explain every estimate

This is just a general overview of the factors that moving companies will consider when calculating an estimate for a potential customer. As you can see, it is much more than how many boxes you need and how far do you need them moved. Allied Thailand is committed to providing the best moving experience, whether you are moving your family across town or relocating your business to another country. With a history going back centuries, Allied has developed unparalleled expertise when it comes to any aspect of relocation. We are more than happy to discuss your upcoming move with you and work out the best and most affordable solution that meets, and perhaps exceeds, your needs. Contact Allied today to find out how we can move you.