The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

The stress of moving is something that we know better than anyone. For most homes, spending an entire weekend packing is still not enough to do what a packing crew can do in a day. Not only can you avoid becoming overwhelmed, you can focus on managing your usual responsibilities. Because of this, it’s worth considering hiring Allied Moving Services instead of trying it alone. Instead, a moving company with a long history of reliability with a global network is generally a far better alternative. If you aren’t exactly sure if you want to use a moving company or do it yourself, here are some things to consider:

1. Loss Prevention

Moving is often hectic, but it doesn’t always have to be. It’s easy to misplace a box when you move by yourself. With Allied, we can provide a detailed inventory of boxes and which rooms they belong in. By doing this, we not only are able to spare you from being asked about where every single item goes. In turn, this allows us to expedite the unpacking process. Alternatively, our supervisors are able to work closely with you to delegate the crew to the appropriate rooms. Part of what provides legitimacy to a relocation company are the related certifications. Allied Moving Services has accreditation for ISO9001 (Quality Management), as well as FAIM-ISO, which is the industry’s highest possible accreditation. These qualifications reflect our commitment to providing a high quality service. Because of this, we strive to protect and strengthen our globally recognized brand. We also have different insurance policies available to suit your budget. This way you can sit back and avoid wondering where your things are. To further ease your mind, our packers are expertly trained. They are also provided with all the right tools to protect your belongings. We know the right balance of ensuring that things are safely packed without wasting space. This helps us avoid last-minute fees for exceeding shipping volume.

2. Spare your family and friends - they don’t want to pack your things.

You might have considered asking your friends and family to help pack in order to avoid a moving company. After all, those are the people we depend on most in life. And yet, it’s a big task to ask of them. It is generally quite difficult to visualize how long a pack might take, as well as how many people are needed. As we all know, the truth is that nobody wants to help pack. Sure, people may sheepishly agree, but they understand that it is hard work- and nobody wants to work for a day or more only to receive a slice of pizza in return. Our packing team is world-class and properly trained to pack things as safely and efficiently as possible. We also provide several options for insurance policies at several different price tiers.

3. Cost effective- buying boxes, bubble wrap, etc

When moving, there are countless costs that often go unnoticed until the last minute. This could be bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing paper, foam, and of course: boxes. It might surprise you to learn that the contents inside a normal bookshelf can require more than 10 packing boxes. Then there is the matter of protecting the furniture. At Allied Moving Services, we have a workshop where we build our own crates. These crates follow international standards for shipping, and more importantly they protect your belongings. If crating an item is not necessary, we have thick cloth wraps which prevent any scratching. This is especially useful with wooden furniture or polished furniture. With us, moving extra large or antique furniture is not a problem.

4. Saves Time and Energy

Nobody is an island. It may be tempting to take on the packing and moving yourself, however there is nothing that an individual can do that compares to the work done by a professional packing crew. We ensure that nothing gets dragged. If an item is too heavy, we have multiple people carry the load. And when the item is too heavy, or even just too bulky to carry properly, we are able to use our trolleys and similar tools to ensure that your floors, walls, and doorways remain undamaged. After all, nobody wants to damage their home and potentially lose a deposit or lower the value of a home you might be selling. Our job is to not only move your belongings, but also to do so safely and carefully.

5. Avoid Injury

When moving, there are so many ways for damage to occur. Your goods must be packed properly, and they must be removed without damaging the environment around them (your home!). And yet, your goods are not the only thing that can be damaged during the move. Protect yourself from injury by using a packing crew. We have a reliable, strong staff who are experienced in spending an entire day carrying and packing things.

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

6. Better protection for your goods

There is a world of difference between packing things yourself and hiring professional movers. With over 87 years of experience, we are experts at packing and storing. It’s also important to note that the insurance on certain items can be nullified if not packed professionally. We offer three different insurance policies so that you can choose one that fits your needs best. With option A, our premium insurance policy, every item is covered up to USD $1,500, and your goods are valued at USD $2,750 per cubic meter (CBM). Then, the price of the policy will be 3.5% of the declared value. If you find this excessive for the items you are trying to move, our standard option B covers items up to USD $750, and the valuation of goods is based on USD $1,750 per cubic meter. The cost of option B is then based on 3.5% of the declared value, as with option A. Your last option is C. This involves stating the value of all items yourself, which also means it is the most work to do since you need to find the price of the goods you plan to move.