How to Prepare for Your Moving Company Packing for You

Moving, no matter how near or far, can be stressful and complicated. There are many logistical details that you need to keep in mind, such as canceling subscriptions and utilities, notifying contacts of your new address, and organizing everything at your new home. And, most importantly, you want to make sure that everything you need and want is packed up carefully for safe transportation to your new location.

Luckily, most full-service moving companies, like Allied Thailand, can take care of packing your belongings. As relocation specialists, they have the equipment and the skills to efficiently box or pack up everything so that you can expect them to reappear, undamaged, on the other side. However, there are a few things you could do to help ensure that this is the case.

What to do to prepare for packing day

The moving company should be more than well prepared to wrap and pack your belongings and valuables with little fuss or muss. Nevertheless, there are a few things you could do to help things along, which could also give you a little peace of mind as well.

Clean house (have a moving sale)

Moving is always a good time to declutter. Gather up clothes and books and whatever else you do not need and have a moving sale. Or you could donate your pre-loved items to a worthy cause. Or just throw away that box of socks that are missing a match.

This is also a good time to take care of those things that the packers cannot pack. This could include weapons, chemicals, paint, perishable foods, and plants. Your moving company should tell you what they will not pack well ahead of time, and you can also check with your moving company representative again.

After decluttering, you might then want to do a deep clean of the laundry, housewares, and whatever else you plan on packing up. It helps you organize your things, and it will go a long way toward preventing musty smells from accumulating in the boxes during the move.

Prepare appliances

Cleaning was mentioned, but it should be repeated regarding appliances, especially large household white goods such as refrigerators and stoves. If you plan on taking these items with you, then you should give them an extensive clean. Also, you should consolidate any cables, wires, or peripherals that belong with each appliance to facilitate easy installation at your new place. Ideally, you can pack them in their original box, but not everyone keeps the packaging after a purchase. Your moving company rep should be able to help you with this if need be.

Pre-pack little things

You may have a set of windchimes you want to take with you. Or you may collect figurines from every city you visit. You could help the movers be more efficient by taking care of small items that may take time to wrap and pack. These items may not necessarily be worth a lot of money, so they would be packed with everything else. But they may have sentimental value for you, so you would probably handle that teaspoon collection with better care.

How to prepare a moving company packing for you

Mark what is not to be packed

That box of clothes to be donated, the clothes and valuables you plan on taking with you, and documents you will need to keep with you (e.g., passports, birth certificates) should be kept aside and labeled clearly so that they do not end up packed up. You may even want to consider designating one room as off-limits to the packers and putting everything that is not to be packed there.

Document everything, with pictures

This is a good time to be detail- oriented. You should not think that you can rely on your memory regarding what you packed. Also, many moving companies will either insist on or provide you with resources to take an inventory of your belongings as they are packed. Depending on the type of insurance you choose, this inventory will be vital. You can then confirm that everything you wanted to have packed was packed, and at your destination, you can verify if anything is missing. You should also take pictures so that you have visual confirmation as to an item’s condition in case it gets damaged during the move.

Take packers on a tour

Once they arrive, you should take your packer through each room and show them what needs to be packed. This includes showing them the room or area where you are keeping those things not to be packed. They may have questions about your preferences or about disassembling larger items, and this is a good time for you to point out any items that require special care. They should be taking notes, and if you are concerned, you can always remind them with instructions on a post-it note.

Make yourself available

Now that the packers have started wrapping and packing, you can make yourself scarce. But you should not disappear. You may not want your entire family there along with the family pets, but someone who knows what is going on should make themselves available in case an issue arises or in case there are questions about what you need packing.

Also, a little good will goes a long way to help smooth the process. Have some bottled water and maybe some snacks out for them, and let them use your bathroom if this is going to take a while.

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