Moving Scams and How to Avoid Them


Moving home is an exciting, life-changing experience. Unfortunately, it can also be prime time to encounter scammers! With the recent rise in moving scams, being vigilant is more crucial than ever. To do this, you need to think about common moving scams, how to avoid them, and the red flags to watch for. A great way to avoid being scammed while moving is to hire a reputable moving company like Allied for a smooth and safeguarded move. 

What are some popular scams when moving, and how can you avoid these? 

Moving scams can take many forms, each designed to exploit consumers' trust and inexperience. Below are some examples and solutions to each.

Fake Companies: 

These so-called movers take your money upfront and disappear without completing the move, or worse, they might steal your possessions. There is nothing worse than feeling duped by a fake company. 

What's the solution? Choose reputable companies! The first line of defence against moving scams is selecting a well-known and reputable company. Established companies like Allied have a verifiable track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. They provide clear, detailed quotes and contracts to avoid any surprises.

Hostage Loads: 

Some fraudulent movers will load your belongings onto their trucks and then demand an outrageous fee before releasing them. This leaves you in a locked position, and you feel unable to escape without paying fees. 

What’s the solution? Always opt for an in-home estimate rather than a remote quote. This allows you to meet the mover face-to-face, ask questions and get a realistic estimate based on the actual volume and weight of your belongings.


This tactic involves offering an attractively low estimate to secure your business, only to demand a much higher fee upon delivery. It is a known scam in many industries and is quite hard to avoid.

What’s the solution? Verify licensing and reviews. You should check if the moving company is licensed correctly. Reading customer reviews is a great way to gauge the company. Go to third-party websites to see their reliability and customer service history. You should always be sure before you choose the company!

The Blank Contract: 

Some fraudsters try to send a blank contract and hope you’ll sign it. You could be signing up to anything. 

What’s the solution? Never sign an empty contract, even if you trust the mover. Ensure all details, including the estimate, additional fees, and pick-up and delivery dates, are documented in writing. Thoroughly review the contract and verify that all your items are accurately listed.

Red Flags in Moving Scams!

  1. Quotes without seeing your home- estimates given without a detailed review of your items are often inaccurate and can be a setup for a scam.

  2. Suspiciously low estimates- if a quote sounds too good to be true, it likely is. This could be a bait to charge you more later.

  3. Poor communication- difficulty contacting the mover or vague answers to your questions can indicate a lack of professionalism or a scam.

Allied’s Approach 

Allied stands out by adhering strictly to ethical business practices. Unlike many others in the industry, we ensure transparency from the first interaction to the post-move follow-up. We provide accurate, binding estimates and detailed contracts, ensuring no surprises. Allied’s affiliation with SIRVA Inc., the world’s only fully integrated moving network, reinforces our commitment to quality and reliability.


Moving doesn't have to be a daunting task filled with uncertainty and the risk of scams. Being informed and vigilant can ensure a smooth and secure relocation. Remember, the best protection against moving scams is to choose a reputable company like Allied, which guarantees a transparent, efficient, and professional moving experience. Ensure your move is safe and sound by selecting partners who value integrity just as much as you do.